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Supplier of Fluid control products including instrumentation TUBE FITTINGS, PIPE FITTINGS and Valves.  
"...Now stocking a limited amount of Brass Fittings...Accepting Distributor applications"  
Kor-Lok pipe fittings are available in a wide variety of patterns, and sizes for easy transition between pipe fitting sizes and changes in direction. Working pressures are calculated in accordance with Power Piping Code ANSI B31.1. Instrumentation pipe fittings have a greater pressure rating than traditional pipe fitting class, reference the "Pressure Rating" table for details.


 PCP Pipe Cap 

 PPG PipePlug 

Male Pipe to Male Pipe


 PMT Male Tee 

Female Pipe to Male Pipe

 PA Adapter 

Female Pipe to Female Pipe

 PC Coupling 

 PFT Female Tee 
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