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Pressure rating up to VMTS series – 2000psig (137bar) VMTL & VMTM series – 1000psig (69bar) Temperature rating from -23?(-10?) to 204?(400?) with standard FKM o-ring from -23?(-10?) to 148?(300?) with Buna-N o-ring Compact designed body Panel mounting for easy installation Fine orifice and close thread tolerances offers accurate control

VMT Features
VMT Features
Materials of Construction
No. Description Materials
1 Body 316SS
2 Nut 316SS
3 Front Ferrule 316SS
4 Back Ferrule 316SS
5 Stem 316SS
6 Sealing Seal PTFE
7 Bonnet 316SS
8 Stem Seal FKM
9 Panel Nut 304SS
10 Vernier Scale Aluminum
11 Handle Gland Brass
12 Handle Gland Screw 304SS
13 Handle Set Screw 304SS
14 Handle Aluminum

Valve Series Orifice [mm] Stem Taper incl.Angle Shut off service Temperture Rating Pressure Rating
°C °F psig bar
VMTS 0.81 No -23~204 -10~400 2000 137
VMTM 1.42 No 1000 69
VMTL 3.25 Yes

Sampling and analyzing systems, accurate and fine metering applications


UNILOK valves are free from machine oils, loose particles and grease throughout the close cleaning process.
The special cleaning for high purity application is available upon request.


Every valve is 100% factory tested with air and nitrogen at 1000psig(69bar) for leakage at the seat and packing. Each test is performed to a maximum allowable leak rate of 0.1scc/min.
VMTL series is tested at 100psig(7bar) differential pressure.

Important Notification

Proper installation, materials compatibility, operation and maintenance of these valves are the responsibility of the user. The total system design must be taken into consideration to ensure optimal performance and safety.

How To Order

UNILOK VMT series metering valves are ordered by part number as shown below.

Example: The fllowing part number, VMTSU-04T-SS-V is designated for VMTS series metering valve with both 1/4″UNILOK tube fittings, 316SS, vernier handle.

VMT How to Order
Valve Type
MTS Stem Taper Angle -1°
MTM Stem Taper Angle -3°
MTL Stem Taper Angle -5°
Connection Size
Fractional[Inch] Tube O.D. Designation
inch 1/8 1/4
mm 3.17 6.35
Designator 02T 04T
Pipe Size Designation [NPT or ISO7/1-PT]
Pipe Size 1/8 1/4
Designator 02N/R 04N/R
Handle Type
V Vernier Handle
R Round Aluminum Handle
S Slotted Handle
Connection Type
U UNILOK Tube Fitting
F Female NPT or ISO7/1[PT]
M Male NPT or ISO7/1[PT]
C UCR-Metal Face Seal
Metric Tube O.D. Designation
mm 1/8 1/4
Designator M03T M06T
UCR Size Designation
Tube Size 1/4
Designator 04M
Seal Materials
None FKM
N Buna-N

Handle Type

Handle materials
Vernier and Slotted handles – Aluminum with anodized color
Round handles – Aluminum

VMT Handle Type-Vernier Handle

Vernier Handle
Enhance accurate flow adjustments

VMT Handle Type-Vernier Handle

Slotted Handle
Keep flow setting adjustments with set screw

VMT Handle Type-Vernier Handle

Round Handle
Make flow adjustments easily

Handle Options
VMT Handle Option

Standard color for all handles is black. Other colored are available upon
request as option only with vernier and slotted handles.
To order, add color designator to the end of handle option.
Example : -VG shown as gold vernier handle

VMT Handle Option
Number of Handle Turns - Flow Coefficient (Cv)
Number of Handle Turns - Flow Coefficient (Cv)
Number of Handle Turns - Flow Coefficient (Cv)
Number of Handle Turns - Flow Coefficient (Cv)

Ordering Information & Dimensions

VMTL Ordering Information & Dimensions